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“The trees act not as individuals, but somehow as a collective. Exactly how they do this, we don’t yet know. But what we see is the power of unity. What happens to one happens to us all.” - Robin Kimmerer

Note: Gold Passes have SOLD OUT, but two-day passes are still available here. Collect an NFT for entry to any two days of your choice, including chefs tasting, musical performances, immersive art, and our closing dance party on Friday night. All proceeds to The Rainforest Foundation

Eco Oasis is a 24-hour oasis themed lounge throughout NFT NYC.

June 21st to 24th we will host 150 loungers from the web3 and ecodao communities in a divine Williamsburg townhome with greenhouse, garden, and multiple spaces for lounging, recharging, meeting and conversation.

Everything is drop-in whenever, however, whatever, with a full schedule of musical performances, wellness activities, immersive art, and chef tastings to stumble upon whenever you do arrive. Pop by when you can or check the schedule released week-of.

NFT holders will enjoy early access to any future oases put on at major conferences throughout time and space.

Artwork by Nate Mohler
Experience Design by Dan Hunt
Cuisine and Cocktails by Nadia Irshaid Gilbert
Theatrics by Taylor Myers & David Schafran
Performances by BRUX, Frozen Fields, Lexi Lowell, and more
Experimental Connectathon by Backdrop & Rehash
Proceeds to Rainforest Foundation

Eco Oasis Week Pass [SOLD OUT]

Please see below for day passes, which are still available.

Eco Oasis Two Day Pass

All-access pass to the oasis for two days of your choice during NFT NYC.

Each day includes a chef’s tasting, wellness activity, musical performance, and fireside chat. Day passes also provide admission to Friday’s closing ceremony and dance party even if that’s not the day you choose.

You may buy two day passes if you’d like a week pass. All proceeds will be donated to the Rainforest Foundation.

After you’re all done please token-gate into our telegram group at to stay up to date with the eco oasis event and ecodao community! 🌱

Oasis Schedule

Tuesday June 21st

**The oasis will open on Tuesday at 2pm
Chef's Tasting with Gina Bruno & Opening Ceremony
5pm: Happy Hour with live musical performance
6pm: Fireside with Elizabeth Stark

Wednesday June 22nd

2pm: Chef's Tasting with Nadia Irshaid Gilbert
3pm: Meditation with Andrew Thomas6pm: Speak-easy themed Happy Hour

Thursday June 23rd

12pm: Experimental Connectathon by Backdrop & Rehash
2pm: Chef Tasting with Gina Bruno
3pm: Breathwork & Cold Plunge with Othership
5pm: Happy Hour with Cacao Ceremony by Azalea Kemp
6pm: Fireside with Rafa

Friday June 24th

2pm: Chef Tasting with Nadia Irshaid Gilbert
3pm: Embodiment with Ryan Daniel Beck
5pm: Happy Hour with Harpist Lexi Lowell
6pm: Fireside with Sirsu
9pm: Closing Ceremony & Dance Party with BRUX,  Frozen Fields, Johnny Hwin, and Bastion


At ecodao, we host occasional, pop-up events to facilitate connection between communities and artists who support ecological causes.

The first half of the ecodao cycle is that of traditional fan-artist relationships: the community collects work from values-aligned artists, who then perform or create exhibits for the community.

But it’s the second half of this cycle that’s unique to web3 DAO structures: an artist can produce work that inspires entire communities to arise, hang out, and get to know each other, even if the artist is relatively unknown. The artist enables fans to have a space to build relationships with one another, develop their own objectives, and, yes, just chill.

It’s this fan-fan relationship, rather than fan-artist relationship, that’s particularly special in web3 and that we hope to foster at ecodao—with proceeds supporting art and the environment.

Admittedly, we’re still figuring it out. What does it mean to properly engage a community of values-aligned participants to erupt out of thin air, riff on each other’s ideas, and fall in love with each other as friends?

It looks, we hope, something like our next endeavor — an eco oasis available all day and night throughout NFT NYC for holders to enjoy vegan bites, fresh-pressed juice, plant-inspired cocktails, and a series of activities and live performances ranging from mini-concerts to meditations to DJ sets to a mysterious experience for a lucky few. ✨

All proceeds go to our featured artist Nate Mohler and The Rainforest Foundation.

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