announcing BRUX ORIGINS

There’s a few things we care a lot about at ecodao: 1) ecological causes, 2) supporting and promoting the work of great artists, 3) pushing the bounds of what’s possible with NFTs.

We’re a bit nervous, our fingers darting in the air over the keyboard, but with our next drop, we’re excited to be doing all three.

What would it mean to collect a work by an artist that let you see their show and not only get future work but a unique recording of the show itself? This is what we’re trying to imagine with our drop with BRUX.

An FWB fellow described as “masterful” by Rolling Stone, a exemplar of “pop earworminess” (yes) by Billboard, BRUX is one of the great music producers & artists of her generation, the sounds of industrial mania often swelling into a respite of diffident, bad bitch club-pop—its catchiness enveloped in a yoshi-like whirl of synth, rattles, and drum rolls.

It's that ambience—those layers of sonic texture—that BRUX has been pushing to explore in her most recent work, which reimagines the ways an artist can become aware of their hidden powers internally by becoming better aware of the external world. Mining a full-fledged mythology that lets us hear the rustling, crackling, and whimpering of this universe, BRUX’s latest audiovisual work is something like the recording of the ecology of another world.

For this drop with ecodao, BRUX will be presenting six music NFT masks, each corresponding to various of her works, that combine tarot-inspired talismans (designed in collaboration with the artists Radimir Koch & Micah Milner) that were then used as inputs to generate inextricably linked chromatic etudes from the outer edges of this universe.

Each work will serve as:

  • Rare art and artifacts from the world of BRUX’s future work, integrating visual and sound in a form unique to NFTs
  • An exclusive pass to see BRUX premiere new work for the first time ever live in a DJ set on February 19th at ETHDenver — you will need one to get in
  • A pass for collectors to collect future works and drops…possibly including a live recording of the show for attendees and video demos
  • A pass to join the ecodao community and support and curate NFTs for artists and the environment
  • A badge of giving for supporting the Rainforest Foundation, which supports on-the-ground indigenous efforts at reforestation while leveraging blockchain technology to optimize efforts.

50% of proceeds will go to the artist, 25% to the Rainforest Foundation, and 25% to ecodao that we use to pay all core contributors for their work and curate one-of-a-kind IRL experiences that allow our community to celebrate our mission, our work, and each other.

Every day from Monday the 7th to Saturday the 12th, we’ll drop one mask in limited editions, around 11am ET. We highly encourage following the ecodao twitter and leaving notifications on to get access to these limited drops, which all be here at

Details for each of the works are below, and we’ll see you Monday around 11am ET.

Ace of Wands, “In My Dreams”
Feb 07 release 11am et
0.1 eth, 66 editions

The Devil, “Bound To You”
Feb 08 release 11am et
0.25 eth, 28 editions

Two of Swords, “Bitches Want Pictures”
Feb 09 release 11am et
0.5 eth, 15 editions

The Moon, “Belong”
Feb 10 release 11am et
0.75 eth, 12 editions

Ten of Cups, “Paper Boy”
Feb 11 release 11am et
1 eth, 8 editions

The Empress, “I’m Back”
Feb 11 release 11am et
2eth, 5 editions

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